Drauger OS Development is committed to giving it’s users privacy both on their OS (Drauger OS), and their website ( Below details the use of cookies, user analytics, bug reports, and more.


Cookies are used on the Drauger OS website in order to collect user analytics. These cookies do not collect any sensitive information such as usernames and/or passwords, users real life identities, or credit or debit card information. 

User analytics

User analytics are collected and added to an aggregate pool in order to better understand the users on our website and better improve our website for all.

User Analytics used to be collected through Google Analytics, and while this service does collect information such as location, screen resolution, interests associated with a Google Account, and more information that could be used to identify a specific device, none of this data is used beyond it’s aggregate capacity. Information such as location will not be used at all, just logged.

Currently, Google Analytics is not in use. Instead, we use the built-in analytics in our web hosting control panel. This was done because it provides information far more useful to useful to us, while also not collecting information that is potentially identifying.

Bug reports

Bug reports collected on Drauger OS itself are sent to Here, the open-source community as a whole works together to solve bugs. While in the future bug reports may also be sent directly to Drauger OS Development, at current time, none are. Sending bug reports to Drauger OS Development is entirely at the option of the user of the OS at any given time. If you wish to send a bug report to Drauger OS, please fill out our bug report form or email us. For more information on how deals with bug reports, please refer to Canonical Ltd, the company that owns and operates LaunchPad, and their privacy policy.

Data we collect

Drauger OS itself does not send Drauger OS Development any information at current time.
However, data in relation to Drauger OS is collected. On SourceForge, we collect: How many downloads there are of every file hosted, How many downloads there are of each file per country,How many downloads of each file there are per operating system. All this data is aggregate and open to be viewed by the public.

The Drauger OS website,, collects a multitude of data which is also aggregate, but not directly available to the public. This information is collected using the built-in analytics in our web hosting control panel. Not all data collected is used and the only personally identifying information collected is what OS family is in use and what browser is in use.

How we use your data

Data collected from any user is used in an aggregate data pool wherever possible. Data is only used in a non-aggregate way when a user contacts us with a specific, edge-case bug or issue. This is done with the user’s knowledge as Drauger OS Development works with them to fix the bug or issue. After any such issue is resolved, any personally identifying data is deleted. The only data saved is what caused the bug or issue and how to resolve it.

Any data in any aggregate pool is used to improve all of Drauger OS Development’s services, not just the service that the data was collected from.