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Version 7.4.1 coming soon

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Drauger OS


Drauger OS is built off a low latency Linux kernel, this means low response times while offering the stability and security of Linux. To further enhance this, Drauger uses a modified Xfce desktop for improved performance and configurability.


Drauger OS is far more secure than the leading gaming desktop operating system. This means that you can game without fear of trolls hacking into your computer, or getting a virus, or losing your data.

It’s easy to use, too!

Drauger OS is a Linux operating system. Many people believe Linux to be difficult to use, and this misconception keeps them from trying it. In reality, some Linux operating systems, such as Drauger OS, are very easy. In fact, if you know how to use a smartphone as well as any gaming console, you can use Drauger OS.